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JADE CHEMICAL was founded in Madrid in 2023 and is a company specialized in the development, production and marketing of fine chemicals. The products are mainly used in rubber tires, insulation materials, aerospace composites, carbon fiber composites, electronic communications, optical materials, rubber and plastic modification and pharmaceutical intermediates.
The company currently has an excellent sales and service team warehouse in Europe, which can meet the needs of localized services for customers within Europe. In addition to providing products of excellent quality, the company is also committed to providing integrated logistics and warehousing services to solve customers' worries.
The company was first established in China in 2013 and has one R&D facility and two manufacturing plants in China, with customers all over the world in many industries. As a growing company for the global market, we not only provide standard products to our customers, but also custom product development services according to their needs.
We are committed to creating value for all our customers, shareholders and employees. The pursuit of excellence and continuous innovation is the philosophy we adhere to.

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